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Most frequent questions and answers

You can share Barillio products (either create a customized link for a specific product or a general built in link to our shop) with your audience and earn money on qualifying purchases.

Yes! Anyone can become a Barillio affiliate program member, from home bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts to professional affiliators. Why not turn your hobby into a profiting business?

You earn from qualifying purchases and monthly bonuses. Commission will be paid via PayPal and you can always see on you dashboard the payouts you are about to receive.

No! The more you refer the bigger your earnings. You’ll get 10% of the order amount (excluding shipping costs) no matter the order total.

That’s easy! Just go to your dashboard and click the “Affiliate links” tab. Then either copy the “Your Affiliate Link” which is built in to our shop page or copy the link of a specific product and paste it in the ” Generate Affiliate Link” and click “Generate”. Voila, now you can copy that generated link and use it.