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Your cocktails are going to be so good,
you'll probably have to quit your job and start bartending.

Your Cocktails Are Going To Be So Good,
You'll Probably Have To Quit Your Job And Start Bartending.

Mixology Bartender Kit With Stand

Design patent features. The most thick, stable and solid bar tool holder. 100% natural oil finishing bamboo stand.

bartender kit

Complete Bar Tool Set

All-in-one bartender kit. 32 piece premium grade bar tools. Create any cocktail that comes to your mind.

bartender kit

Travel Bartender Kit With Bag

Waxed canvas bartender kit bag. Marked compartments for every tool. Top rustproof stainless steel barware.

Bartender Wall Organizer With Bar Tools

The first bar organizer in the world. Specially designed compartments. Portable pouch. Top rustproof stainless steel bar tools.

bartender kit organizer

Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set

Perfect drink mixer starter kit. Includes all the essentials. Built in strainer.

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

Professional grade drink mixer boston shaker. Air tight seal to prevent leaks. Thick, durable, and weighted tins.

The Barillio Story

Barillio brand, was established in 2016, by a group of former long-time bartenders.

After many years behind bar, we decided to take our passion and bring the world of bartending into your home. That’s why every set is assembled, and every product is carefully designed, using our knowledge and experience, thinking what’s best for our customers.

Constantly looking for new ways to help you make your home bar, the perfect mixing and shaking environment, Barillio is more than just a brand, it’s a community!
From cocktail recipes and bartending guides to our social community, we are always here to help.

We’re taking our job very seriously, and it is our privilege to bring you the best bar tools and accessories, using the best materials, in the best price!

Barillio Team

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