8 Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

If you’re tearing your hair out over what gift to get for the cocktail enthusiasts in your life, here are our team’s top eight gift ideas for people who love mixology, hosting, and getting creative in the kitchen. 

With almost infinite choices available, choosing the perfect gift for your loved one can be tricky. However, we have broken this gift guide into categories so you can find the most suitable gift for your friend or family member to suit their lifestyle and your budget. 

Barillio Gift Guide
Barillio Gift Guide

Top Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

Most Popular Barillio Gift – Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand

Let’s kickstart this gift guide with one of our long-standing best sellers. The Barillio mixology set with an elegant bamboo stand comes in a choice of metals, including silver, gold, and black, so you can choose the right aesthetic for your gift recipient. 

If you can’t decide, we recommend the silver set, as it is our customers’ most popular choice. Silver cocktail tools suit the decor of 99% of home bars, and the bamboo stand allows the user to proudly display their bartending tools in a stylish yet neat and orderly fashion.

Barillio Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand
Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand

For the Beginner – Bartender Kit with Wall Organiser

This wall organizer with every essential piece of equipment is ideal for beginners as the high-quality canvas has neat pictures to show the user where each tool goes in the set. Whatsmore, this beginner-friendly mixology set comes with a book of recipes to get them started with mixing, shaking, and styling the best cocktails in town. This set is splendid for anyone who wants to experiment with cocktail-making and become a better host.

Barillio Bartender Kit with Wall Organiser
Bartender Kit with Wall Organiser

For the Pro – Complete Pro Bar Tool Set

The Barillio complete pro bar tool set is a no-brainer gift for anyone passionate about mixology. This set is a great option if you know someone is getting by with a simple shaker and would thrive off having all the bartending tools at their fingertips. 

This is an excellent present option if you have a friend who likes to be the master of entertaining (think the Monica from Friends type, they love to have the best tools to be a winning host!). 

Barillio Complete Pro Bar Tool Set
Complete Pro Bar Tool Set

As a Retirement Gift – Crystal Mixing Glass Set With Stylish Stand

This unique diamond-patterned mixing glass is a great addition to any stylish home bar. It makes an excellent ‘thought of you’ present to offer to celebrate a retirement – it’s handsome, classy, easy to use, and can be used for any delicious stirred, not shaken cocktails, such as this gingerbread winter cocktail recipe. 

Barillio Crystal Mixing Glass Set With Stylish Stand
Crystal Mixing Glass Set With Stylish Stand

For the Friend, You Don’t See Enough – Cocktail Masterclass

If you’re choosing a gift for a friend you rarely get to see, why not use this as an excuse to book the two of you tickets for a cocktail masterclass? You can purchase the tickets many months in advance to ensure you can both make the dates or simply order a voucher so you can book the cocktail class together. 
Or if you’re a pro mixologist, you could even set yourself the challenge of organizing the cocktail-making class yourself! Simply print off some cocktail recipes from the Barillio blog, grab the ingredients, and have a fun night in with your friend and show them how to use their new cocktail kit. Nothing beats catching up in person, so this is a thoughtful gift for anyone you need quality time with.

For the Stylish Friend – Bartender Kit with Canvas Bag

Our team has designed this canvas bag tool kit with everything you could ever need to create cocktails in any location. The coffee-colored bag is perfect for any aesthetic and looks stylish in any home bar when you aren’t on the move. 

This gift works well for anyone who loves to be the life of the party and brings their cocktail kit to every gathering. The travel bag design makes it super easy to pack away the tools and allows your friend to bring their A-game and feel as put together as a pro bartender. 
Read more about how our team of top bartenders designed this bag and why our customers love it in our previous blog post!

Bartender Kit with Canvas Bag

For the Fussy Friend – Barillio Gift Card

We all have those friends who are just impossible to buy for, which always makes finding a gift they will love and use a challenge. Therefore, we suggest you save yourself the headache and purchase them a Barillio gift card which they can use for any of the items in our shop. You can choose a gift card to suit your budget from $25 to $150, and then they can order their favorite kit from the Barillio shop

Barillio Gift Card
Barillio Gift Card

Best White Elephant Gift – Cocktail Shaker Set With Stand

White Elephant gifts should be fun yet practical, and this 8-piece cocktail set with a stand is sure to be a gift everyone will be stealing during the game. Plus, you can all use this gift straight after the game to make homemade cocktails to get everyone in the Christmas spirit! 

Barillio Cocktail Shaker Set With Stand
Cocktail Shaker Set With Stand

Happy Gifting! 

Just when it seems like things couldn’t get better, when you purchase anything from the Barillio online store, you can ship the item to your home or post the gift directly to their home. Just choose the most suitable option for you! So get shopping and order the perfect gift for any cocktail lover on the Barillio website today. 

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