Create Memories With The Barillio’s Bartender Canvas Bag

We love holidays surrounded by giving thanks to the things and people we already have in our lives. As being generous and offering gifts is inherently in all of us, giving gifts we just can’t wait for our loved ones to receive is usually more fun than receiving the gift ourselves.

Therefore, we believe the Barillio Travel Bartender Canvas Bag is potentially the best gift option for cocktail lovers. Not only can you express your gratitude when you offer your loved one the bartender kit in the waxed bag, but they can then use the tools to shake up tasty cocktails for everyone attending the event.

How did Barillio’s bartenders come up with this idea?

The actual value of the gift is not in its monetary value but in the story behind it, and the story behind the gift can be just as significant as the gift itself. And even though our travel mixology kit bag was created pre-pandemic, we believe it has become even more essential to any gathering as it allows people to continue connecting to others through their love of tasty cocktails despite it being tough to attend functions in person at bars or restaurants. When bars were forced to close their doors, people needed a way to entertain at home and provide stellar bar-like experiences even without the bar or the bartender. Therefore, we have been thrilled to hear how our travel bags with cocktail-making tools have been able to unite friends and families through this challenging time.

Our kits have been expertly designed by bartending professionals so that everything you could possibly need for a cocktail recipe fits into your travel canvas bag. Therefore, allowing you to give the gift of a bar in a bag that your loved ones can take with them to any home party. Thereby, bringing with them the essence of the bustling, lively atmosphere of the bar.

The kit is perfect for travel or home use as it allows the owner to keep the kit neat and organized so that they can whip it out at a moment’s notice and shake up a cocktail to lift guests’ spirits.

Bartender Bag By Barillio

The design

When designing this travel mixology set, our goal was to allow everyone who uses the canvas bag and the cocktail-making tools to feel as put together as a pro bartender. Therefore, we designed the Barillio travel kit waxed canvas bag to roll out on the bar to showcase all the tools. This high-quality canvas then rolls up and is secured with two adjustable leather straps to add a sense of style while keeping the instruments protected as you travel.

Our experts also designed the bag with a little extra space in the shaker compartment so you can integrate any tools you already have into your new complete kit. 

The coffee color canvas fabric is a neutral color to suit any recipient you have in mind, while also hiding any accidental spills made during cocktail-making disasters (we’ve all been there, so just hope yours is a gin and tonic, rather than an espresso martini!).

travel mixology set – Best gift for a friend

Who’s the gift best suited for?

Although we believe most people will be thrilled to receive this bartending travel kit as a gift, it does lend itself to suit a few specific occasions. For example, the travel bag is great for your foodie bestie friend, gadget-loving partner or the life-of-the-party father. And you could even gift the set to yourself and then use the tools and your new mixology skills to provide lip-smacking cocktails at your next house party or family gathering.

This kit contains everything from the most basic tools almost every cocktail needs, such as liquor pourers and jiggers. It also includes a lemon zester, citrus squeezer, and mojito muddler among other tools for more specific recipes, making it the perfect choice for a bartending school graduate or mixology beginner interested in more unique recipes. The canvas bag also has marked compartments for each item so that any passionate beginner bartender can reorganize their case in just a few minutes.

Make the gift extra special

After choosing the perfect bartending set to gift, you are set to give your loved one everything they need to create exceptional cocktails and improve their mixology skills at home. The Barillio Travel Bartender Canvas Bag comes with a pocket recipe booklet and the Barillio ‘Happy Hour’ eBook to get them started. Find some more cocktail inspiration from the Barillio blog.

Additionally, if they have a particular affinity for a certain spirit or have an undying love for citrus-based cocktails, for example, you can write them a collection of tailor-made recipes for them or purchase ingredients from your local grocery store to allow them to use the kit right away and whip up some tasty drinks in minutes (plus, this way they are more likely to make you a cocktail upon oping the gift, which is always a nice treat at any occasion).

You could even curate them a personalised party playlist of tunes they can play to set the mood at their next gathering.

Extra points

We also offer a 3-year warranty because we are that confident in the quality of the Barillio products. Additionally, you can also head to the product page to check out the verified customer reviews of the canvas bag. And if all this wasn’t enough, we also offer free shipping on each purchase of the canvas travel bag!


The Barillio Travel Bartender Canvas Bag is a surefire way to get yourself and your loved ones excited about hosting the next home party. With over 15 useful tools, the bags have everything they could possibly need to make any cocktail. The waxed bag hits the sweet spot of being stylish yet practical, making it durable enough to see you through countless parties with your friends and family. The marked compartments allow you to pack up in minutes (even after a glass or two of your cocktail creations). So get ready to use the recipes included to shake up a classy margarita, stir a superstar martini, or mash up a much-loved mojito. This gift for a friend is not just simply a bag with some tools. It’s the ability to be the ultimate host and bring life to any party they attend.

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